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Christmas Family Lunch Meal Ideas

As the weather warms up and Spring is well and truly in the air, many are starting to put their thoughts towards Christmas and Christmas planning – including the traditional Christmas lunch or dinner (well the Traditional Aussie Christmas Meal that is.) You can never start planning too early to help ensure that your Christmas entertainment is not too stressful. 

With this article we just thought we’d share a few basics of what people see across Australia, and perhaps you can use these points to draw your own inspiration. 

Christmas BBQ & a Collection of Meats

Australians love meat, and Aussies love to cook meat on a bbq. The BBQ is especially popular for Christmas cooking given you won’t heat up the kitchen too much (as you would if you were trying to cook everything on a stove. The bbq is also a great place to have a chat and probably a drink whilst you are watching the meat cook.

You have your traditional favourites with turkey, ham and beef, but you can add chicken and all sorts of other fancy treats to your bbq this Christmas if you would like to try something a little different. 

Some Seafood Selections

Seafood is an important part of the Christmas Day menu in many households. Crayfish is popular, as are prawns. You can pair either of these seafood options with a nice seafood sauce for a delectable treat over lunch or diner.

Something for Dessert

It might be hot and it might be Australia, so our dessert options are a little different, but you still can’t go past the traditional plum pudding with custard and/or ice cream.

For those that want something a little less warm the pavlova is obviously popular in Australia, as are cheesecakes and a really nice fruit salad. Maybe you could spruce up your fruit salad a bit with some more exotic fruits.

Fill up the Esky

Across Australia, Christmas Day is often hot, so you need to make sure everyone has cold and refreshing beverages available to them. You may want to get a few craft beers, a nice cocktail spritz and perhaps a sparkling shiraz to keep on ice.

For those that are younger, or those that don’t really like alcohol, perhaps some fancy soft drink or mineral water flavours. Go on, it’s Christmas. Treat yourself.

Some Decorations for the backyard or dining area

No matter what you are eating, and where you are eating it, it’s important that you enhance your celebration space with the right Christmas decorations. We’d love to help you here – no matter what your inspiration is. Check out our range of decorations and we’re sure you’ll find the right decorations for your own space. 

There you have it, some basic thoughts about cooking this Christmas and entertaining the family. The only other thing you need to do is throw in a cricket bat or some other outdoor sporting equipment so that you can continue the family rivalry throughout the afternoon.

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